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Adelaide stainless steel design and manufacture

Adelaide Stainless Steel Fabrication Specialists

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Specialists in customised, purpose-built stainless steel fabrication solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications


Industrial Stainless Steel

Stainless steel fabrication for any type of industrial application, including components for machinery, warehouses and manufacturing facilities


Commercial Stainless Steel

Custom-made stainless steel equipment, fixtures and furniture for use in commercial kitchens, bars, restaurants and retail premises


Residential Stainless Steel

Design and manufacture of customised stainless steel products for indoor and outdoor living areas, as well as balustrades and handrails


Adelaide stainless steel fabrication specialists

At our workshop in Edwardstown we design and manufacture an extensive range of bespoke and customised industrial components and structures, as well as one-off fabrication projects.

Since 1988, ChapFab has gained a reputation as skilled and professional craftsmen who specialise in innovative design and manufacture. We are dedicated to helping Adelaide businesses, manufacturers and homeowners, and we have both the experience and expertise to create stainless steel solutions for a wide range of applications.

Our work features in industrial, commercial and residential spaces and ranges in size from small, one-off fabricating jobs to large-scale projects.

ChapFab's long experience in the Adelaide stainless steel fabrication industry means that we are able to take concepts and designs—or even just an idea—and develop these into unique, workable products or parts. Our workshop is equipped to be able to tackle projects of all sizes and we pride ourselves on the efficiency and quality of our workmanship.

Whether you are looking to fit out a retail space, create or renovate a commercial kitchen, give a bar or restaurant a new, contemporary look, we can meet your needs in terms of work spaces, equipment and furniture. Likewise, if you need a specially engineered component for a piece of machinery, want to customise or fit out a work vehicle, or are looking for space-saving storage solutions, we can design and manufacture these to your precise specifications.

We specialise in Adelaide stainless steel fabrication and light structural steel solutions